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about birthing stone

Birthing Stone started nearly four years ago - soon after my youngest son was born. I experienced amazing support during his birth and soon started searching for a way to bring that support to other parents.

After several years of practicing I started realizing that many parents were missing a sense of community, either because they lived far from family or because they weren’t connected with others with babies. I saw many parents struggling to build community after their baby was born. As if they don’t have enough to do anyway?

I started seeing families attending medically based centering groups build their communities prior to birth, which allowed them to build relationships with parents early. Many of these relationships were lasting far past the births of their babies.

So, I thought, why can’’t everyone have support like that? And so began the quest to build my solo practice into a practice focusing on building and maintaining relationships, providing pertinent information to support birth desires, and having fun while accomplishing our goals.

I did a bit of research and found The Birth Haven, which offered exactly what I wanted to offer. I can’t express enough gratitude to The Birth Haven’s owner, Julie Six for all of her hard work, guidance and willingness to share!

Myself and our other doulas are so happy to share this exciting time with you! Thank you for letting us share our passion with you.

We are dedicated to offering a safe environment where you can share and learn. Our focus is to offer evidence based information for you to make an informed decision and to support you in the birth of your choice.

-Tiffany, Founder & Doula


We’d love to talk you through our process & show you how we can support you.