a good night's sleep

& a baby are not mutually exclusive

  • Are you longing for a full night of sleep? 
  • Do you find yourself desperately wishing your baby would sleep through the night?
  • Have you looked around online for options, yet end up confused about what method to choose?

We Can Help! Imagine what tomorrow would look like if you slept through the night- What would be different? Would your baby feel better, more rested? Would you have more energy? Would your relationship with your partner/s improve? This can be your reality!

Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?


Tiffany was a dream come true...literally. We were struggling with a baby that struggled to sleep, couldn't put herself asleep to save her life and suffered from acid reflux. Tiffany was incredibly supportive. . .Our baby only continued to become a better sleeper and Tiffany also made me feel as though she was there to support me when needed.” -Abigail and baby Harper (4 months)

we know

sleep training babies isn’t always easy

It’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to figure this out on your own. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and everyone has opinions on the matter. This can lead new parents to feeling confused and unsure about what steps to take to improve their family’s sleep.

Here’s what no one has told you: There is not a one size fits all solution!

Just like no two babies are alike, no two sleep training programs are ever exactly the same. What worked for your best friend or even your older child might not work for your new baby. That’s why we offer offer in-home support to guide you through the entire process, never leaving you to figure it out on your own.

There are simply some things that can’t be taught online and can’t be left to a formula.

Together, with one of our Mommywise Certified Sleep Coaches, we’ll create your baby’s individualized plan and help you make in-the-moment decisions. You’ll never wonder whether you’re doing the right thing, or how to change gears if something isn’t working. You’ll have expert help right by your side, ensuring you get the results you desire.

We offer the most comprehensive Sleep Training Programs– staying with you for up to 72 hours to help with bedtime and naps and guaranteeing your baby will be sleeping better before we leave.

You also receive a full month of on-going support in case of any setbacks to your baby’s sleep. We’re proud to say that, even though there might be setbacks, many of these calls are happy check-ins about how well families are sleeping! Of course, that safety net is there for you should you need it.

Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve? Here's what's included in our custom sleep training packages...

Sleep Training Custom Packages

include the following
  • State of the art sleep training that is customized to your family
  • Up to 72 hours of in home sleep care
  • Coaching calls customized to your needs
  • A month of ongoing support to get you back on track with any setbacks that may come your way
  • Email and phone support so you can get answers to all your questions and have peace of mind (and a good night’s sleep)
  • Our guarantee that your baby will sleep better by the time we’re through with the training
  • Complete our initial questionnaire to set up your free thorough sleep assessment. *Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, and our dedication to giving you a thorough assessment and information, we do not accept phone inquiries about sleep training.

why choose

sleep training at birthing stone

The toll of sleep deprivation on families is the most common issue Tiffany recognizes among families. She also felt these effects with her own children. Tired of confusing books and conflicting methods that weren’t working for families, Tiffany was thrilled when she learned more about the services that Mommywise in NYC was offering. She was even more excited when she was chosen to train in Mommywise’s highly selective training program.

Initially, Tiffany was skeptical that anything could work so quickly. But during her training she was able to learn and discover techniques that had immediate effects for both babies and parents. She observed that babies realize their sleep potential independently, falling asleep on their own- and quickly. She knew she found the right tools to bring home to Birthing Stone’s clients.

The positive changes she witnessed in the parents’ demeanors and behavior after sleep training is astounding. Parents are happier, more rested, and have more energy.  Babies are more interactive, often make developmental leaps, and seem happier. She even sees shifts in the parents’ relationships and their renewed perspective on life.

When she’s not sleep coaching or doula-ing Tiffany can be found searching for sun in the PNW, at soccer games with her kids (who ARE sleeping), and out and about with friends.

Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?

To ensure we can offer you a thorough sleep assessment, please use the contact form above. We do not accept phone calls for sleep training due to the high number of inquiries we receive.


Thank you for all of your overnight and postpartum support. We were able to get more sleep, have a baby with better sleep habits, and enjoy our baby more. They are worth every penny. Only regret? Not having their services when we had our first. -Chris

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Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?