We offer innovative, modern and complete doula services that span pregnancy through the transition to parenthood.

Our goals are simple:

Support you in your choices

Provide professional, trustworthy doula care

Build community by putting parents in touch with one-another

Offer well-round, relevant and evidence based information

We are meeting our goals through the highly successful centering model used in many hospitals around the nation- and here in Portland, as well. Our non-medical, group learning allows parents to hear each other's experiences, learn from our knowledgeable doulas, establish a longstanding relationship with their doulas and other parents, and carry those relationships far past the birth of their baby.

Our Doulas Are Different: Just as we focus on community and sustainability for you, we also focus on balancing our own lives and supporting each other. Unlike some bigger agencies, we believe in our doulas focusing on a smaller number of clients. This allows our doulas to give you the full attention and presence you deserve. By attending fewer births per month we have less chance of calling in a back up doula, less chance of being tired and not fully present at your birth.

Unlike solo doulas, we have built in backup for the very rare occasions that your doula cannot attend your birth. And, our Centering model means you will have familiarity with the back up doula because you've spent time with her at our group meetings.

Our Model gives you more:

  • Meet other parents: By joining our centering model you immediately have meet other parents with similar questions, experiences and goals as you.
  • Knowledge and Experience. Essentially, you get all of our doulas for price of one during your pregnancy. You have access to all of our doulas and their knowledge
  • See your doula more often: You can meet with us 2 times per month! That's possibly 18 times during your entire birth
  • Familiarity with all of our doulas. In the rare chance of your doula being unable to attend your birth, you will already be familiar with her back up. No strangers walking into your birth!
  • FUN! Our Centering sessions are fun! We love being there. Our clients love being there.


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